Spa Creek Club is unlike other sailing clubs offering boat sharing or fractional ownership. Spa Creek Club is a non-profit organization limited to 20 members, and membership commits to keeping costs low by working on the boats or in service to the club.

Spa Creek Club is the perfect option for experienced sailors who don't want to shoulder the burden of owning their own boat.

Club membership is only available when an existing member chooses to sell their share. If you are interested in being contacted when a share becomes available, please provide your information on the form below. On average, one to two shares become available each year.

Member benefits

Club members have access to each of the three boats owned an operated by the club. Boats are reserved through a shared calendar system. With three boats and twenty members, boats are readily available and it isn't unusual to be able to make a last minute reservation for one of the club's boats. More information about the reservation system is available here.

Membership Process

Memberships become available when an existing club member chooses to sell their share in the club. Individuals who are interested in purchasing the share complete an application including a sailing resume.

Once approved, a new member will purchase the share at a cost equal to 1/20th of the current value of the club's boats. This fee is paid to the club, and the club then pays that fee to the outgoing member.

Membership Costs

Once a member of the club, annual membership dues are used to pay for costs like slip fees, insurance, ongoing maintenance, and improvements to the club boats. Any excess funds are put toward the club's boat replacement fund. Compared to other boat share clubs or fractional ownership options in the bay, you won't find a better value for your sailing dollars.

Member Responsibilities

Club members commit to supporting the club by performing service hours by working on the club boats or in service to the club. Members are required to perform sixteen service hours each year. If a member isn't able to perform the required service hours, a per hour fee is assessed to make up the difference.