How do club members reserve boat time?

The club maintains a shared reservation calendar. Members can have one prime (weekend or holiday) and non-prime (weekday) reservation at any one time. A non-prime reservation can include multiple consecutive days. Once a reservation is complete, members can make add a new date on the calendar. There are no limits to the number of sailing days you can reserve during the sailing season.

Can I use a club boat for a longer cruise?

A single non-prime reservation can span multiple days. You can, for example, reserve a boat for an entire week (Monday through Friday) as a single non-prime reservation. Some members will pair a prime reservation (a single weekend day) with a non-prime reservation to get a longer reservation. For example, you could reserve the boat for a Sunday (your prime reservation) and then reserve the same boat for the following Monday-Friday (your non prime reservation). This will give you six continuous days of cruising in the bay. Club members will occasionally team up to reserve boats for longer periods of time for an epic bay sailing adventure.

Are boats available when I want to use them?

With three boats and only twenty members, there are plenty of sailing days to go around. Boats are frequently available and it isn't unusual to be able to make a last minute reservation for a weekend sail.

Where am I allowed to sail the boats?

Boats can be sailed in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. With drafts between four and five feet, each of the club boats can access some of the best anchorages and cruising grounds the bay has to offer.

What costs are associated with the club?

The annual dues for club members for 2021is $2800. The share price is currently $6000. These fees are subject to change according to the by-laws of the club.